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UPDATES: hello reality =) im back .

Sunday, June 26, 2011 7:42 AM

7:29 AM

You think cheerleadings not a sport.

Okay so some girl says cheerleadings not a sport, she says its not hard, she says we are all these prissy girls with pom poms and short skirts.

I’d like her to come to one cheerleading practice and see if she can do what we do. We tumble, stunt, jump and dance. You say running is harder, sure its hard i never said it wasnt but i think people should just stop for one instance to realize that cheerleading is just as hard.

It doesn’t matter if your in level 1 or level 5 it all has its moments were its soo hard you contemplate quicking and than you just step on the mat. Its hard to describe what happens when you step in the competition floor. Even though the crowd is screaming, everythings silent to you, your mind goes blank, and all your worries go away. Everything is focused on hitting that stunt, landing and sticking your tumbling pass and makings sure you dont land on your neck when your doing a standing back tuck.

I’d just like to say sure you run miles but we have to too. Someone talks during a stunt my team does 50-100 push ups non stop, someone doesnt do the routine full out every time laps around the gym not just once but what seems like a million times, someone giggles during someones tumbling pass burpies till your legs are falling off.

Please just accept cheerleading for what it is. A sport

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6:47 AM

why is it that we always forgive those who do us wrong , those who do not care about anyone , any one but themselves . why do we limitlessly give chances to those who , in all truth deserve nothing at all . no sympathy , no forgiveness , no love . why is it we always find ourselves crawling back to the ones who only give us pain ? why do we care this much , why must we love those who only love themselves . why do we set ourselves up for these heartbreaks ?

it's crazy to think how different ur life would be if u never met those people that changed everything .

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Friday, June 24, 2011 9:19 AM


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8:05 AM

helo helo bukak seluar nmpk telor ! telor kecik ? telor besar ? hahaha ! inside joke with my cheer mates he he he .
tadi cheer training start pkl 9 pagi . ksiao ! surprisingly i sampai siang har har har har . tk nk kena saman kan . itu pon cikgu ngan coach dtg lambat . maintain . kalau tahu aku dtg lambat !! hahha .
nari training byk org koyak mulot . scary . lol
i dont wanna talk about training . hahah .
but ooh ! i love the dance steps ! hehehe . bt no shaky2 . haizz . boring !! hahaha !

after training . headed to tamp wif amirah , ikhsan , ida and eiss . catch a movie . rasuk . $8.50 wasted just like dt ! nabei . not scary at all !! -_- oh ya ! since i gt no partner .. ida and amirah pampered me in the cinema ! so sweet ^^ hehe love u girls !
bought koil . den home sweet home .
sphyntrix training was cancel so tk jadi jumpa bby . lagi pon dua2 penat haha .

reached home ajeeee ... haizzz .. #sadstory mode
im sorry mama for giving u the fucktard attitude . im too shagged . mentally and physically . i need my rest . its not that i dont wanna go out wif u n its not that i dont love you . i seriously really need my fully rest and ur understanding . i knw ive been busy with my cheer . i knw ive not spent much time with family . i know that ma .

i cried after the incident . im dissapointed with myself ..
i cant remember when exactly the last time me n my family spent time together .. izzit my birthday celebration ? think so .. sighh . april huh . haiz . few months bck ? pretty long . ikr .

hmmmm niway i gt NDP rehersal tmrrw . need to hairstyle those little kids hair haha . i hope esok boleh balik siang mcm the previous rehersal . aku nk jumpa bby la plsss . windu sgt ='(((

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Thursday, June 23, 2011 8:09 AM

dis is my handsome boyfriend . i love him so much buahahahahahahahaha . i swear i love today !!!!! hehehe . fetched bby frm his place . den headed to jurong east complex . thanks to the lifeguard for chasing us away or else we wouldnt had so much fun at sentosa hehehe . the reason he chased us away bcos bby was wearing DRY FIT top . so tk boleh swim . wtf ? helooooo ? -.- wte u dickhead ..

i knw i look horrible without make up . bt i knw khairul loves it when i look ugly . so dt no one will look at me . hahaha . niwayyy we changed plan n decided to go sentosa ~ oooooooo

what a super duper last min plan !! haha .

i love this pic below ! bcos i look so pretty !!!! hehehe

bby bought nasi lemak for our lunch and we ate sumwhere around there and guess what ?! we got chased out !! nabei . muka kita muka kena halau la beh ! ahhahahaahhaha !

pic below is my fv. !!! heheh handsome or what !!!

had so much fun with this kambing ! we did our own stunts too ! ahhahaha . style baru punya ! and bby cant swim awwww . i pon tk leh swim !! hahaha . and i kept on making him drowning bt i did save him u know .. *cric cric* by giving him CPR .... yeap . barang baik dok !!!

make our move around 7 pm . ydayda we bathe together at handicap toilet . ooo notty ! i loike ! HAHAH . ok no la . just kidding ! hahahaha ! feeling2 jap . mampus kalau kita mandi sama2 . tk keluar toilet dok !! sampai esok pon tk bersih ! HAHAHAH ..

blabla . ok dis is how i look lepas mandi . dgn rambut basah . tk senonoh !!

hahaha sexy kan ? i know . heheh . headed to vivo . met fliq at top shop .. my bimbo so pretty oi . i jealous !! chit chat for a while . fliq step busy je ! ahhaha .

bought sushi for dinner ! eheheh den dudok di luar vivo sambil makan sushi ngom ngom sedap nyaaa hahaha . lul .

and yeaaaa home sweet home ~ tapi sedihhhh balik siang sgt =( psl bby working . aiyaa . night shift . balik pagi .
and esok pon sama =(( tk boleh cheer dgn dia . psl working night shift jgk ... kau kerja kat lorong ehk beh ? asek2 night shift ajee . HAHAHAH .
alaa night shift ke tk . esok kita tetap jumpa ^^ yay ! jgn kau bgi aku false hope sudah . nanti PUTUS teros !!!!!

oooo ya ! n i just put down the fone with bby hehehe . *mantel mode* n we talk about the future ...
bby: aku tk leh imagine kalau kau jadi isteri aku .
me: ohh so u nak i jadi isteri u la ni ?
b: mantel ah tu .
b: ok la kita byk berdoa okay . insyallah .

HAHAHAH FUHH !! TERROR !! hahaha =p sayang kau sayang hahah ! okay toodles . i wanna eat ! den halo2 sama bby . hehe

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